Learn what a teaspoon of ingredients looks like in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t save *much* time or washing up, but it feels like a lot less of a faff.

Buy garlic puree in a tube.
It is easier, quicker and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your hands using a garlic press or messing about with knives. I use a pestle (from my pestle and mortar) to roll the tube flat to make sure I get every last squeeze of garlicky goodness. I’m sure a rolling pin would work equally well.

Buy frozen veg.
Someone else has done the prep for you.
It’s generally fresher as it tends to be frozen really quickly.
There’s no waste or wondering how to use the rest up.
It’s always on hand, so you don’t need to worry about shopping or having things in.
Need I go on…?

If you are prepping lots of veg use a food processor – it’s not lazy, it’s sensible.

Keep your store cupboard stocked.
It really is a weight off your mind knowing that you can just go into the kitchen and rustle something up without forethought. Also, buying things in bulk tends to be cheaper. 

My essentials are: tinned tomatoes, beans (black and kidney), chickpeas, sweetcorn, baked beans; vegetable stock pots (I use Knorr) and gravy; wholegrain pasta, quinoa, red lentils, brown and wild rice, plus Arborio rice for risotto; garlic puree (I use Sia) and tomato puree; plain / all-purpose flour; baking powder and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda); Nooch (nutritional yeast), soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, sweet chilli sauce (I use Blue Dragon); salt, pepper and a selection of spices; oats and a selection of seeds and nuts (I usually buy these in bulk from Amazon). Combine this with the frozen veg in your freezer, plus frozen sausages (I use the Linda McCartney Cocktail Sausages) and any frozen meals you’ve made yourself and life should hopefully become, much, much simpler. 

My fridge usually only contains: avocados, hummus, olives and sundried tomatoes, vegan spread, Koko coconut milk (for tea) and MUSHROOMS!

Put a chair in your kitchen and actually use it. You don’t need to hover over your food as it cooks and your body really won’t thank you.

Drink lots of water.
I know this is something that every person on the planet says; however, it really is important. If I am feeling extra sluggish or miserable my first port of call is to check if I’ve been drinking water. Usually I haven’t. If we can’t fulfil this most basic of needs then how on earth are we going to be able to do anything else?
Stop reading and go get a glass now.

Form some regular eating habits.
Yes, I know this feels impossible right now and like SO much effort. It may also sound really boring. In the long run though it is going to relieve a lot of pressure and keep your body topped up with regular energy and nutrients. It just makes sense.

Squirrel Bowl.
Eat it each morning - make it your regular nurtuirng ritual.
Have a pan (I use a small, non-stick frying pan - the low sides seem to make stirring and washing up easier for me) and spoon out the night before. This will make life a little bit easier AND make it more likely that you will stick to your plan. It will also mean they are clean and you don't have to use energy washing up before you can start.

Put your 'squirrel bits' in jars.
They will be easier to grab and because they look lovely you will want to use them.

As you make the Squirrel Bowl in one, quick go and are preparing ahead of time there is no need for additional pacing.


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