I honestly don’t tend to use overly fancy ingredients. Most, if not all, of my shopping is done online as energy doesn’t allow for both shopping and cooking. I use whichever supermarket has the best deals on or the delivery day I need and I buy bulk items (such as seeds) from Amazon. If I want something that is a bit of a vegan treat I either buy directly from the website or try The Ethical Supermarket or The Vegan Kind*. If you have any questions about what an ingredient is or where to buy it please post a comment and I’ll try to help.

Keep your store cupboard stocked.
It really is a weight off your mind knowing that you can just go into the kitchen and rustle something up without forethought. Also, buying things in bulk tends to be cheaper. 

My essentials are:
Tinned tomatoes, beans (black, kidney and baked), chickpeas, sweetcorn;
Vegetable stock pots (I use Knorr) and gravy;
Wholegrain pasta, quinoa, red lentils, brown and wild rice, plus Arborio rice for risotto;
Garlic puree (I use sia) and tomato puree;
Plain / all-purpose flour; baking powder and baking soda (bicarbonate of soda);
Nooch (nutritional yeast), soy sauce, hoi sin sauce, sweet chilli sauce (I use Blue Dragon);
Extra virgin olive oil (for flavour and low temperatures) and Rice Bran oil (for cooking at high temperatures, frying and roasting);
Apple cider vinegar (apparently if it still lives at home ‘with the mother’ it is better for you; however, I have no clue whether this is accurate or not);
Salt, pepper and a selection of spices;
Oats and a selection of seeds and nuts (I usually buy these in bulk from Amazon). 

My fridge usually contains: avocados, hummus, olives and sundried tomatoes, vegan spread, Koko coconut milk (for tea) and MUSHROOMS!

Combine this with the frozen veg in your freezer, plus frozen sausages for energy emergencies (I use the Linda McCartney Cocktail Sausages) and any frozen meals you’ve made yourself and life should hopefully become, much, much simpler. 

*No, I am not being paid to say that!


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