In Case of (Energy) Emergency

Some days we just can't.


But we don't have to let that escalate and our bodies suffer even further.

Over the next few weeks have a think about the quick, filling, healthy(ish) go-to meals that you can either prepare ahead or make really quickly.

They don’t have to be amazing. Beans on toast doesn’t sound the best, but it is so much better for you than eating crisps and biscuits all day.

Write them down and put the list somewhere you will see it in an energy crisis…stuck to the biscuit tin perhaps?!

To prove that I do this too, here is my raggedy list, stuck to the fridge:

Although I do admit that since discovering Linda McCartney’s vegan sausages they have been a freezer staple and those with baked beans and toast or a bagel or (don’t judge me) chips really do the trick on low spoon days.

Once you start making some of the Big Pot meals you can keep leftover meals in the freezer for energy conservation too.

Give it a try when you are able to and take really kind care of yourself xx


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