Big Pots

I love big pots!!
They are great for feeding a crowd and perfect for stocking up the freezer.
I use my inability to portion accurately to my advantage by making sure there are leftovers for the next day. This not only helps with using limited energy reserves wisely, but wins in the taste department too as things tend to taste even better the next day.

I do have a few rules though and you need to follow them too:

Question One
Are you already flagging?

No – Proceed to Question Two
Yes – What are you doing?! Go and sit down!! Today you can eat something from your ‘In case of (energy) emergency’ reserve and try again tomorrow.

Question Two
Is your kitchen tidy and do you have clean equipment to use?
Yes – Proceed to recipe of choice
No – Today is not your day. Get the kitchen clean today and eat something easy. Try again tomorrow.

Yes, I know I’m bossy, but you know this makes sense, don’t you?
I’ll make you a deal. If you try to make the sensible energy choices, I will too.
And you can curse me every bit as much as you like!


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